From Athlete to Coach - Education for Athletes with Foreign Background

Do you want to become a Coach after finishing your own active athletic career? Would you like to use your experience and knowledge of training and competing to help another athlete? How to make a transition from being an athlete into becoming a Coach?

From Athlete to Coac h educa tion (AtoC) is designed to help former athletes to transition into coaching. If you have been an athlete of any sport at the national or international level and are now interested in coaching, AtoC education is a perfect fit for you. The main goal of AtoC is, that after graduating from the programme, the former athlete will have a

  • Mindset and perspective of a coach through the many personal experiences as an athlete
  • Foundational knowledge and skills of learning and teaching
  • Understanding of the main coaching strategies, such as programming and periodization
  • Knowledge of the principles of exercise physiology and biomechanics, as well as principles of mental training 
  • Working version of a personal coaching philosophy 
  • New peer network of coaches for sharing, connectingand growing together

AtoC programme consists of traditional learning (live), distance learning (online) and practical coaching experiences. The 6-month intensive program prepares the participants for transitioning into a coaching career.

On-site learning:

  • 8.– 10.4.2019
  • 3.– 5.6.2019
  • 26.– 28.8.2019
  • 30.10.– 1.11.2019

Applications must be delivered by 28.2.2019. Read more below in english or finnish and from


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